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Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Adventures from the Thrifting Wonderland

Saturday was spent having fun going thrifting and enjoying the plesantness of being on my own for a change. I love Zach to pieces, but if he goes thrifting with me he gets a little antsy and complains that I'm taking too long so I end up not having as much fun as I would have if I was by myself. So it was an enjoyable experience. Here's what I wore for the day! I bought this sweater on Thursday night from Forever21 and couldn't wait to wear it. I was suppose to save it for the conference but it was fitting for our cold snowy weather.
Sweater, Forever21 ($17) blouse, Kmart ($15) jeans, Forever21 ($10) flats, Target ($5)

Could I have had a better thrifting experience on Saturday? I think not!!! First off, I found a super cute purple wool skirt and a couple of warm scarves for my trip this coming weekend.

Then a pair of fun olive colored flats that were too cute to pass up. And they were never worn!

Since I am taking the Style School class I also needed a few items to finish up some projects I've had in the works, like this carry-on luggage and these cute little vases.

Then the Pièce de résistance was the awesome table.

There was a cluster of four of them and I had my eyes on the prize. I desperately need side tables for the bedroom and they would've been perfect!!! As I come up to them, I start dropping my handfuls of stuff so as I am kneeling on the ground to gather my things, my perfect tables are being picked up by a couple of guys gushing over the Saarinen Tulip Tables. I kindly asked them if they were planning on taking all of them because I was about to take one and didn't want to seem like I was taking it from them. Then one of guys sighed and said, "If you can appreciate the aesthetics of the piece then you can have it". I felt so bad, but he insisted, so I went ahead and took just one and I am the happiest little thrifter now.

Since I really am getting into the whole mid century modern look for my apartment I also felt compelled to pick up this pretty danish style lamp base. Now I am on the search for a pretty teal lamp shade and all will be well.


  1. Great thrift finds! Your trip is coming up soon, huh!? Yay!

  2. Ooooh, great finds! You can still wear the cardigan in NYC! I keep freaking thinking I need to buy all new things, but I might stick with some old favorites!

  3. I adore that lamp and the blue purse!!! So Tieka mentioned that you might be going out Friday night? If so, can I tag along? Let me know. Annie.