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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Girls Night!!

Nothing is more fun than having a girls night for a birthday party. My manager wanted to enjoy a fun night of mexican so we all booked it to the nearest place after work and had a great time chatting, drinking margaritas, and just goofing around. I'm sure our waiter had no idea what he got himself into. But it was fun.

As far as the outfit went, I wanted to wear this lavender skirt one more time, before I sent it on it's happy way to the clothing swap. It's had a good year, but now I'm looking for different things to dress in. I also added a sage green snake skin belt to give the outfit more texture with a pop of color. It's simple but a pretty combination.

The outfit is:
black blouse, thrifted ($3) skirt, thrifted ($4) belt, thrifted ($6) necklace, from co-worker ($3)


  1. I love that skirt! CLothing swaps are so should definitely blog about how it went!

  2. Your skirt is great :).

  3. oooo that necklace is really gorgeous!