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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pho79 and a Good Friend

Brittany from Finder's Keepers is a new friend whom I met through the wonderful world of the fashion blogging. We met up about a month ago for some yummy coffee. Yesterday we decided to meet up for some yummy Pho noodles at Pho79 and then we went off for some fun thrifting at the Salvation Army. The noodles were way yummy, but I was having some difficulties eating the dish. Unless your a professional like Brittany, you're gonna make a mess. I was trying to do my best and be a lady, but at some point you just have to throw your worries away and just dig in!

The thrifting was so much fun! We found lots of stuff to try on, but I only ended up buying half of what I picked up. I got 3 fantastic dresses and a striped boat neck t-shirt, while Brittany found an amazing vintage coat that was destined to be hers. It was gorgeous! All in all it was fabulous time with a new friend and I'm sure there will be plenty more of these excursions to come!

Here's what I ended up wearing for the day! Half of it I spent just lounging with my dog since I got off work early.






So you may have noticed the shoes. I went a little crazy shopping for shoes after I broke my ankle boots. Sometimes I pay so little for shoes, it's never cost effective to have them fixed, so I just try to find others in my price range. Yesterday I meandered over to the mall to check out the shoe collection Forever21 had, and was not impressed with their selection or their quality. I saw glue all over one pair where the sole was attached. So I checked out Payless and they had 1 pair for $12! "Very good!", I thought to myself. As I'm exiting the store I turn to my left and see this huge clearance shoe event in Dillards. I was a bad girl and got myself another 2 pairs of shoes, with the intention of saving them for next winter. HA!!! Whatever! These oxfords lasted 3 hours in the box before I took them out for my dinner with Brittany. Then I bought a new pair of ankle boots. Those will make their debut tomorrow. Until then!

Vera Wang Kohls dress, Buffalo Exchange ($10) Cardigan, Target ($10) Snakeskin belt, Thrifted ($6) Tights, H&M ($6) Oxfords, Gianni Bini ($23)


  1. Oooh love the oxfords.. and those tights, of course! Still jealous you and Brittany get to hang out! I'd love to go thrifting with you girls someday! :)

  2. why oh why can i not find for the life of me, a pair of dotted sheer tights?? i like the scarf falling in the back too.. :)

  3. Goodness I love this outfit.. you looked so beautiful yesterday (as always though)! The shoes are PERFECT.. can't believe what price you got them for! I can't wait to see how you style your new awesome dresses!!! Esp. that blue one that's the perfect color for you & the fun purple polka dots.. and I forgot the other one?! And Tieka come thrifting with us!!! Come to Hampton Roads!

  4. this is adorable. i love the shoes and tights so much!

  5. I <3 Pho noodle soup... The shoes are adorable. NEVER feel bad for buying shoes on clearance!! :-)

  6. love the way you wore the scarf, so creative!!! I am dying to find a pair of heeled oxfords and I love yours.