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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Night on the Town

Nothing about me screams party girl, but on Saturday night I decided it would definitely be worth my while to head out to the after party for the Chictopia10 summit and meet some new girls that I hadn't had a chance to introduce myself to. It was fun! I laughed at our crazy dancing, and apparently we got free drinks! hmmm... some concoction of mandarin oranges and vodka did my body good after a 6 hour long conference! Everyone was incredibly nice and we all had tons of things to talk about, although it was so loud I decided it was best to just start smiling and dancing.

So, of course this is Elizabeth and Andrea boogieing down! I have to say that they were pretty awesome dancers.

and I taking a photo after talking for a bit. Her and her husband are total cuties. And her outfit was amazing! I forgot to ask her where she found such an awesome skirt.

The four of us taking time out for more photos. I guess I should mention that Zach was made desegnated photo taker. He did a good job and I know he loved it! Photography is one of his first loves.
More pics of the girls getting down and enjoying the fun times. The girl I was taking a photo of is Mellisa from Crowded Closet that she collaborates with Kim (not pictured). They were really nice girls and had such a fun style going on.

Tieka and I doing our photo opt. Tieka was so much fun to meet in person. We definitely have a lot in common as far as blogging but also the music scene. We were definitely not in tune to the club scene music so we kinda just did the typical sway side to side to the beat thing. I maybe knew one song that was nastagic to my middle school dance, which was nice:)

Nickie and Christina in a candid shot I took. I love these kinds of photos!


  1. Hahaha, that totally wasn't our scene! And I didn't know how to dance. I was soo your stereo-typical white girl. I'd prefer listening to some good ol' Screeching Weasel ;) Love that we share that interest. I'd love to hang out again! Had so much fun meeting you.

  2. It was lovely meeting you and your husband!! Do you have a flickr account? I'd like to use some of the photos you have in your blog in mine tomorrow! Is that the photo I took of you and Tiek? <33!

  3. EMILY!! I am so happy You came out with us Friday night since everything else was like a whirl!! Thank you so much for sending me that pic of you and I!! I was so sad that I didn't have one of you! I am adding it to my party pics! I hope you and your husband had a fun rest of your trip! Its been pretty freaking cool I have to say! You are such a sweetie! Again, so happy to meet you!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time in NY! Cute pics.

  5. great photos! it was wonderful meeting you guys and getting to hang out- hope you had an awesome rest of the trip and please let me know if you'll be in the city again! xo