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Monday, February 1, 2010

The Blue Tights and Their Debut at Work

I decided to break out the bright blues for a day at work. I've been so apprehensive about these for work, but I figured since I love them so much, I'd go ahead and try them out for the day. Nobody sent me home, so I guess it worked out for the best. The rest of the outfit came together basically because these were the only clothes I had left that were clean and neat. Since the snow storm we haven't been able to go to the laundromat. Our car is stuck in 6 inches of ice and the city has yet to fix any of it. Tomorrow will be warmer so hopefully we'll be able to get the car out and about. The walk to work hasn't been bad, as far as distance, but we were literally walking across solid ice the whole way. So much for our soft snow.

Details of the outfit:
skirt, thrifted ($3) blouse, Target ($10) cardigan, H&M ($5) tights, Forever21 ($3) belt, Fred Flare (gift)


  1. I like it! And what great deals! I have got to put a post up soon with some of my better deals. I heart good deals and good deal finders! The belt is totally awesome.

  2. This is such a cute outfit! I feel like tights are a great way to add some unexpected color to your outfit, oh and that belt is really cute!

  3. the tights worked out great. i really like the details of the belt

  4. I would be really scared to wear them to work. I think they look really cute on you! And the way you styled the outfit is beyond lovely!