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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Terrific Snow Day

Nothing beats a good winter snow day! Snow ball fights, winter walks, and heading down to the cafe for a good cup of coffee. I stay extra warm with mutiple layers of sweaters and t-shirts, not to mention 2 pairs of pants. We just aren't used to this kind of cold. Just on Thursday it was a warm 65 degrees, now to this! It's just crazy. I kept it real in some waterproof jeans of mine, which worked doubly good since they kept me warm and dry during the snow ball fight.

This particular snow ball fight got attention from our local news channel since it was a community event done through facebook. I believe we had about 20 participants. My team pretty much got massacred during the whole debacle.

Here are some pics from our snow ball fight.
And here's the outfit post from today. I shed a few layers for the picture and switch out of the soaking wet boots.
skinny jeans with back zippers, Ebay ($5) turtle neck, Forever21 ($7) short sleeved sweater, thrifted ($2) suede flats, Target ($24)


  1. How fun! I love playing in the snow! I love that pretty pink vest, too!

  2. cute layering! reminds me of todays who what wear post!