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Monday, January 11, 2010

Looks like Someone Has A Case of the Mondays

Today really felt like a Monday to me. I hate that. When I wake up and think it's actually Saturday but instead I can't sleep in and then I have to get myself ready for long day at work. That's a bummer. So I mentioned this to my friend/co-worker and a customer overheard my comment about having a case of the Mondays and starts doing her Office Space impressions. God! It was hilarious! I should put some flare on a vest and come to work with a goofy grin on my face tomorrow.

Well what to wear on a day like this? I decided on a Kensiegirl dress I've had in my closet since September. This was a fab deal! My shopping buddy 'D' and I went up to a closing Dillards and apparently they had different shopping hours then the rest of the mall. We got there at 6:45pm and they closed at 7pm. We ran around like crazy people picking up dresses left and right. I came away with this dress for a mere $10! So now I'm finally wearing it.

Here's the outfit breakdown!
dress, Dillards ($10) cardigan, Target ($10) flats, Target ($24) hat, H&M ($10) bracelet, Lia Sophia ($?)


  1. Adorable dress, and the bracelet is amazing! Perfect touch!

  2. Oh I remember that dress from our fall line! (i work at kensie just btw).