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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Da Na Na Na Na Na...You Say It's Your Birthday!

It's 1:30 pm and I'm home from work and ready to enjoy a fun-tabulous day. Today at work I was surprised with a bunch of balloons, and a yummy birthday cake. They also surprised me with a card full of $35 one dollar bills. Those girls are funny!

Later tonight Zach and I will be heading to a little indie theater to see The Single Man with Colin Firth (my favorite British actor) and then to a fun little Cantina restaurant. All within walking distance to our new home. I love this place! I am hoping my neighbors won't be busy and see if they want to get out too.

So here's what I'm wearing today

Oh and this is the first project I've ever sewn! I'm so proud of it.

And here's what I wore!
mustard tee, forever21 ($10) striped cardi, OldNavy (gift) skirt, thrifted ($4) boots, Target (gifts)


  1. I love your first project! That is too cute! I'm super jealous you're in the Style School class! I wish I had time for it!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! You look fantastic and I hope you enjoy the movie. It was visually stunning!

  3. Awesome job with your first project! Love your outfit too, with the mix of mustard top and green skirt. Hope you have a great birthday!

    Wear Necessities

  4. Aww yay! Happy real birthday today!! That was so nice of your co-workers! Enjoy your birthday date night! :)

  5. Yay happy birthday!!! Your apron is freaking cuuuute! The mention on your last post of our meet up was so, so sweet :)

    PS- Was it The Naro that you guys went to? Can you believe I've never been? NEED to go!

  6. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.
    Brittany- We did go to the Naro. The movie was phenomenal! I just love the atmosphere of a really old theatre too.

  7. Great first project! So cute! I also love your outfit today! The mustard and stripes work so well together! I also love that little birdie necklace! very cute!