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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to Wear, What to Wear?

I really have no idea what I should wear today. I'm over this not having an iron thing. Come pay day, that will be exactly what I'm buying for myself! If I was brave enough to take a picture of my room right now, you all would faint. I've taken all of the clothes that were cramped in my drawers and basically piled them on the floor so I knew what needed to be ironed and what didn't. So now I'm basically running out of clothes to wear. It's even harder when I'm trying not to repeat outfits. Well I guess I'll need to think of something quick since I'll be off to work in about 30 minutes. Sometimes pressure is a good thing, right?

And this is what I came up with!

And here is what I dragged out of the closet.
cardigan, NYandCo (gift) blue dress, thrifted ($5) grey tights, forever21 ($5) earrings, H&M ($3) shoes, TJMaxx ($40)


  1. No iron and you still look absolutely so cute! I love that shade of blue. I really want your skirt, lol. I also have a huge pile of clothes on my floor right now. Need to do some cleaning.

  2. i think you did a wonderful job for not knowing what to wear! i have been feeling like that every single day since its so cold, i feel like i have to dress like a marshmellow everyday just to stay warm. its so great tieka is helping you too, she is awesome! im sure she'll do an amazing job for you too!

    ps: am following you now <3

  3. Cute outfit! I love your belt!
    Hey, I'm thinking for Sunday we could meet up for coffee instead of thrifting? I'm such a broke college student it's ridiculous and I'm strapped for cash and my boyfriend wants to take me out for lunch around noon so I'm thinking maybe 10ish? I can hook us up at the Starbucks I work at on Shore Drive if that isn't too far for you? Otherwise we can meet halfway somewhere!

  4. also im adding you to my list of favorites right now:)

  5. you look gorgeous, i love those heels!

    lovelove, M.