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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Big Thanks to Tieka!

I hope everyone loves the new look. It's so much more personal now. Tieka, from Selective Potential, really helped me out with this. I've never really made a template before and couldn't get very good instructions on how to create one through Google. I've always admired Tieka's blog and her layout and she did a great job creating a whole new look for my blog. So thanks girl! You're the best:)

I totally ran out of time in the afternoon to take my pics again, so Zach and I did a little photo excursion while we took Starla out for her evening stroll. I was praying that people didn't come out of their homes to figure out where that big flash of light was coming from and thankfully nobody didn't. I'm still very camera shy when I'm out in public taking my pics, and I really need to just get over it, but I'm just so self conscious.

So what am I wearing?
Purple dress, thrifted ($4) Striped Cardigan, Old Navy (gift) yellow belt, thrifted ($7) Flats, Target ($24)


  1. love the pattern on the tights and the color of your dress!

  2. Hi there - love the new blog format, very cute! I adore your outfit. I love the striped cardigan and I love the pairing of the yellow belt. I wouldn't have thought to use that color. Very cute!

  3. Yay Tieka! I just love her! Your layout looks incredible, and I love your little pup! Mine is going to make an outfit post appearance tomorrow!

  4. The new Template is really cute! Bravo Tieka!! :)

    Awh puppy! :) I cannot wait to have my own!

    You both look adorable! You in your pretty clothes and her because doggies are always too cute for words!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  5. this is so cute, love the leggings. the blog template is great!