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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Wee Bit of a Catharsis

When you have a job that becomes monotonous and for a lack of a better word, boring, you may discover that parts of yourself become missing amongst the day to day life. Although I enjoy the people I work with and my customers, my days do seem to gravitate towards a more blah day than anything else. Therefore, I've decided to do something with my creativity on a day to day basis. Thanks to the Style School I've joined, I'm having a lot of help there, but after six weeks I'll be on my own again. So this seems like the best kind of resolution, for me anyways. All day long I'm told what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Nothing is on my own terms, except for going to the bathroom. In a way, it makes you wonder, if you have any say in your life? When I get home it's dark and cold, I cook dinner, clean a little bit with Zach, do my thing on the computer and then go to bed, only to start the whole process over again. If it sounds like I'm venting, I am a little. I'm sure we've all been in predicaments like these. If it were up to me, I'd have a part time job at the library or a boutique in my neighborhood and go to school full time and then work on little projects here and there. At least I'd be using my brain!

Well after that little melt down I'll go ahead and tell you what I wore today.

This green velvet is one of my faves right now. I paired it with a cute little brown shirt dress and then some brown flats. I kept the jewelry minimal since the gem tone of the blazer is bold enough (sorry it doesn't photograph well) and there you have it!

blazer, thrifted ($6) dress, thrifted ($2) flats, Target ($5) earrings, forever21, ($1)


  1. I know the feeling. When I had my job, I felt numb everyday at work - the same thing over and over as if I was getting nowhere. I'm unemployed now so things are a little different, more time to be spontaneous. But sometimes I go back into those old routines, really just depends on your state of mind I guess.

    Love the outfit. The dark blue color is gorgeous especially paired with the brown. Great choice!

  2. It is ok to vent, there are times when I feel like I am stuck in the same routine, but I think changing something maybe might brighten your day. I started making jewelry when I was feeling blue, and it now a passion, it calms me and I love it. Do you like creating things? Maybe try a hobby , something new.

  3. It's ok, I think everyone gets bored with their job sometimes! that's great your taking a style class! sounds fun!

    and I love that blazer :)