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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Shopping Bug Has Hit Me!!!

Does anyone out there all of a sudden get the urge to go out and buy buy buy!!! I usually get this bug right after Christmas since the sales are just amazing!!! I hardly ever shop at actual stores, so when they start offering killer deals (like $10 dress at my H&M) then I'm ready to go hog wild! Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) my husband becomes my conscious and gives me little lectures about saving money. He's right. I know he's right, but man! What a way to rain on my parade! Since my birthday is in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to hold off. Hopefully the hubby took notes on all the things I liked at H&M and will get the dresses I had my eyes on. We shall see:)

So here's my look of the day! I felt a little Joan-ish in this outfit. I really love the olive felted skirt and the shoes are a newly thrifted item I got on Sunday. I had to have them.

skirt, vintage/thrifted ($4) t-shirt, Forever21 ($10) tights, Target ($5) shoes, thrifted ($4) cardigan, thrifted ($3) hat, Forever21 (gift from sis)


  1. Adorable hat! Love your bargains.. you are so good at shopping! :D

  2. OMG! Perfect outfit!! I have those exact shoes and beret, but I never thought to wear them together (DUH, sometimes I am really clueless).. I am going to have to now. Love all your bargains too!


    P.S. Great new layout!

  3. I'm definitely feeling shopping urges right now! So far i've held back... love the yellow pieces in your outfit! - Natalya of Wear Necessities

  4. You guys are wonderful:) Thanks for the lovely comments!