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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Princess Dress


If it seems as if I may be ignoring my blog and my blog reading, please note that I'm really just becoming more preoccupied with exploring life more intensely.  Mixing and mingling with friends and spending time with a certain someone has kind of made it harder to want to open up my laptop.  I have been spending time reading blogs, just not commenting much since it takes time out of my day, time I don't really have at the moment.  We all go through spurts of busyness in our lives and at the moment I am immensely happy just turning off the electronics and connecting with people.


Ok, so now on to the outfit.  This is a pretty vintage dress my friend gifted to me last year and I couldn't wait to wear it for a pretty spring day.  It reminds me of something a child would wear on Easter what with all the chiffon and pretty pastel green.  Or a pretty princess dress.  I wore this to take my friend out to drag brunch on Mother's Day and then kept up the same look when I headed to my own mom's for dinner and Sopranos.  That's right.  Four hours of Sopranos.  Quite the family event.


I hope your week is a wonderful one!!!  I'm going to try and be more proactive about posting on my blog since I miss it so much.  


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