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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A nice staycation was in order for me last week.  I had a glorious 10 days away from work and the end that glorious time off, I decided to head to DC for a weekend with my beau.  Unfortunately, we were planning on spending a whole Saturday afternoon wandering through DC and visiting museums, but what is normally a 3 hour drive actually took us 8 hours, so those plans were smashed.  But we did treat ourselves to a really awesome dinner at this place called Dirty Martini and then spent the following morning walking all around DC for about 3 hours.  It's amazing how much ground you can cover in 3 hours of walking!!!

Thankfully, after hours of walking around DC we were able to retire to a really sweet hotel.  Seriously, if you're in DC you have to stay at the Mayflower!!!  I've never been to a hotel so pretty and hospitable!

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