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Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting a little SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that most people deal with when the time changes and it's just dark the moment you go to work and then moment you come home from work.  Depression is such an ugly place to be in.  Especially in the darker months.  This season is a bit different for me though.  I really like the idea of sun lamps and such, but I'm on a budget, and they are just so ugly!!!  So I decided to invest in some pretty candle light.  It's cheap and it makes my home feel so much cozier in the evening hours.  I have a cozy throw on my couch and just light some candles then cuddle with the boyfriend.  Or just cuddle with myself and turn on some 30 Rock.  Thank you Netflix!  hahaha..

Obviously, when you're dealing with a depression where you're just so full of despair, it needs to have the attention of a doctor to prescribe to you meds or alternative therapy.  I've been suffering with some form of depression since high school and my doctors were really more for the alternatives to medicines.  So check with the docs please!

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