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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ring In The New Year!!!

Thank you 2012 for being so good to me!!!  There was so much change in my life those last 12 months.  It's unreal to even think about.  The year started off shaky, with my divorce from my husband, then all the money problems that are associated with that.  I had to give up my Starla (roughest part of everything) to my mom and then Archie to my mother in law.  But then by the middle of year I had fallen in love with a great wonderful guy who's name is Adam.  He is one of the most sweetest, honest, adorable, smart, handsome, etc...guy.  Sometimes I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming him up.  hahaa..too much?  And I have my health, an excellent set of parents, a very supportive sister and a great roommate.

So, listen here 2013!!!!  I've got some goals and special reminders to give to you for me! 

  1. Pay off those damn credit moving back in with my parents.  So scared about this   next step in my life.  If I can pay them off in 9 months...all will be good.
  2. Get more organized.  I always enjoy nice cleaning living in other people's homes...why not mine?  I am perplexed at how their time management works with day life and daily cleaning.
  3. Revisit the yoga studio.  I did Ashtanga yoga for years, then I switched it up to hot yoga. And then I got lazy and stopped going to them all. 
  4. Stop obsessively buying clothes.  God, please help me!!
  5. Take my first college math course (the one I was saving for last) and be on my way to graduation!!!!  Pretty Please!!!!

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