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Friday, September 2, 2011

Heidi Ho


I tried something new with my hair today!!  I finally have grown it long enough to braid it into milk braids.  I tested the waters with this new do' by going to my parents house with my hair up like this.  Of course I got the Heidi comments and maybe something about me looking Amish...but I like it!!  What a cool way to get the hair off your neck:)  Alright, and then I went to Target like this.  I have never had so many people give me such weird looks at the same time.  It funny how people don't find it rude when they just stare at you, as if you have 3 eyeballs or something.


I decided to try the monochromatic look again but with cream colors.  I enjoy a good cream ensemble and this skirt and lace blouse were a perfect combo.  I hate wearing this skirt without a belt so I pretty much put on whatever belt was closest to my feet in the morning...yeah a majority of belts sit on the floor.  Anywho, it's a vintage real genuine---say that with a southern hillbilly drawl---snake skin belt. 


Have a fantastic weekend folks!!!  I will be enjoying these last few days of unofficial summer by going to a baseball game, hanging out with my in laws, and just chilling.  Happy Labor Day Weekend if you're in the States!!!


Lace Blouse, Dillards
Vintage Skirt. Thrifted
Flats, UO
Vintage Belt, Thrifted

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