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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

DIY---Repainting Ugly Laminate Furniture


I've been wanting to share a little bit more about my home and I thought it'd be cool to show you all how to repaint a practical but ugly bookcase with wood laminate.  I was skeptical that I'd be able to paint over wood laminate but it worked very well, so I'll share with you my process.

First things First!!!  Sand the hell out of it!!  I highly recommend using the electric sander since you want to really scratch up the slippery wood laminate in order for the paint to stick to it.  So yeah, sand the hell out of it.

So onto the next!!!  Pick out a good quality primer.  Zinsser is an excellent choice since its water based and covers really well.  Depending on how dark your wood piece is, prime it to the best coverage.  I primed my piece once but it could have stood another coat of primer.  Now let that baby set for one whole week!!!  Trust me on this one.  It needs to set to prevent scratches during the reassembling process.


One week later paint on the desired color!!  I chose this very vibrant charteuse green to add some vibrancy to our dining room.  When you paint anything (furniture or walls) always start by cutting into the corners with a cutting brush.  This saves time and allows for the best coverage.


Once you're done cutting into the furniture, use a good quality foam roller and paint on your first layer.  Allow this layer to dry for about 3 hours (or longer depending on what the paint can says) and then do the second coat.  This piece should dry completely for another couple of days before you reassemble it.


Now, Presto Chango!!!  You've got an entirely new piece of furniture!! 


If you want to know how I covered up that weird hole (this bookcase was originially a media center I think) then I will do another DIY post for making a cute pushpin board!! 

***Credit to A Beautiful Mess goes to the Stick Pom Pom things in the milk glass vases.  Learned that from her;)

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