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Monday, August 6, 2012

Classic Lace

What's not to love about a white lace dress?  It's so classic and pretty.  This particular one is very reminiscent of something a young lady would wear during the 1960s.  I know this because I've become obsessed with Adam-12 (a cop drama from the 1960s) and mini dresses are a recurring theme amongst the damsels in distress.  haha..  I mean you're kind of helpless when your dresses are so short that you can't even bend over or reach up high for fear your whole rear end will be exposed.  Who came up with the idea of dresses that are so short they are almost impossible to walk around in?  I'll look that up later.

Anyways, again, it was once again hot as Hades and the idea of wearing anything was becoming troublesome, so that's where the mini dress came in.  Complete with short briefs underneath for some modesty.  Oh and I am definitely having a love affair with these sandals from ASOS.  They were such a steal too, during their summer sales.  I'm so glad I bought them when I did.  I hope they last me at least 2 more summer seasons.

A note about my heart ring.  I've been wearing this everyday for the past few months.  After taking off my wedding rings, my hand started feeling bare and naked and off balanced.  I found a ring that belonged to my mother when she was 20 and decided to borrow it for awhile and it's now become a part of my entire being.  Its a nice connection between my mom and I.  A heart shaped turquoise stone is timeless and its now my favorite piece of jewelry.

Dress, H&M
Sandals, ASOS
Sunnies, Urban Outfitters
Necklace, Etsy
Ring, Vintage (mom's)

Photos by  Molly

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