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Friday, July 1, 2011

If We Took a Holiday!!!


Took some time to celebrate!!  hehe..I love Madonna..  Well it's Friday and I took the day off work to finally enjoy a nice holiday break for the Fourth of July!  I have plans to start crossing off some of my summer goals from my list and start enjoying the summer this weekend.  More often than not when I take a random day off, it's met with chores and boring stuff.  I also want to be spontaneous.  I'm not sure how that will pan out since Zach is notoriously non-spontaneous.  He'll admit it too.   I honestly have every intention this morning to trek on up to Richmond and do some exploring.  There's this incredible Tudor home and garden that is chock full of history that I'm dying to see.  Today is as good as any to head over there.


And about my outfit.  I don't think I've ever found a cheaper dress.  I mean this cute 70s dress was handmade with the most perfect liberty floral print and it was only $1.  I love it so much!!  It belts really well and it was totally work appropriate with a cardigan over top of it.  But honestly I prefer the look without the cardigan.  Cardigans are way to stuffy for 90 degree days and it takes away from the summery carefree vibe of a halter dress. Oh and one more thing about my outfit.  My purse is made from recycled plastic grocery bags!!  I love it so much.  It's great for a summer bag since it resembles straw and it's light weight.  Truly perfect.


Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!  And if it's a long weekend, then even better!!!  I heard it's Canada Day today so I can only assume you have the day off from school/work and Monday it's Fourth of July so holidays are abundant for North Americans:)  


Vintage Dress, Thrifted
Kimichi Blue Flats, UO
Cardigan, Thrifted
Coin Necklace, Grandmother's memento
Purse, Plarn Bag from my Uncle N ---Thanks Uncle N!!  It's my favorite bag ever:)  
You can find them on Etsy

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