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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



I've had a whirl wind of a week with family visiting from out of town and hanging out with friends.  It's nice to stay busy and be around people but Zach and I are homebodies and can get swept up in our habits of staying home, making dinner, and taking the dogs for walks and it's always nice to get back to a routine when you're plum exhausted from doing what people should do and socialize.


I'm positive that the highlight of the week was seeing my nephew Connor.  He is so adorable that I can hardly stand it!!  Even his pouty grumpy self is cute.  We all took him to the Children's Museum along with my good friend Diane and her daughter Puff and enjoyed some good ole fashioned childish antics.  They loved playing together so much and I was happy to witness the smooth transition of children making friends so easy.  Why can't adults do that?  Within minutes Puff and Connor were holding hangs and becoming instant buddies. 


On Sunday we all met up at our local Botanical Gardens to take Connor to the children's play place with water fountains galore.  I can't think of any reason why a kid wouldn't have fun there.  I think he spent about 2 hours running around and playing with kids all while getting soaked in 100 degree heat. And the heat would explain my minimalist outfit I have.  A jersey dress with opened toe flats and a side swept bun is how I roll when its nearing 100 degrees.

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