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Thursday, September 24, 2009

To Iron or Not to Iron

Do you ever that feeling where you know exactly what you want to wear, but it may involve a little effort in the way of ironing? I can't tell you how often I decide to forgo an outfit idea, only because it involves a little time with the ironing board. This morning was a different story though. I love this skirt, but it always gets crumpled. It never fails. Well, this morning I had a whole extra to get ready for work, and decided to break out the board and get crackin'.

So, on to the rest of the outfit. I decided on the flats because the skirt was above the knee and it feels more appropriate with bare legs, and then a dark teal tank, then for warmth and comfort a black ruffle cardigan. I found the necklace on the ground and decided it would match great with the whole look (don't worry I rinsed it off at work).

tank, forever21 ($2.50) cardigan, target ($13), skirt, thrifted ($3) flats, target ($8) earrings, H&M ($4) purse, target ($16)

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