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Friday, March 9, 2012

Jet Setting

lands'end canvas dress

Hey Everyone!!!  I'm finally back to a real outfit post!!!  Thanks to dismal weather and constant crazy schedules I haven't had a decent outfit post in a long time!!!  Today I'm gearing up for my trip to Austin for the Style Council conference and I am pumped.  I'm also a tad bit nervous, but excited, to finally meet some of my favorite blogger people for the first time.  I keep hearing about all the wonderful things Austin has to offer and I'm looking forward to really seeing the city first hand.

plaid shirt dress
vintage necklace

The other day I was thrifting with my friend and I found the prettiest plaid dress I had ever seen.  It was a perfect size for me and it was Lands' Ends Canvas!!  So stoked.  I washed it up and wore it yesterday for my flight.  It was kind of the perfect thing to wear on a flight since the fabric was thick and warm and it just made me feel a little bit more dressy for a day of travel.  I'm in opposite land compared to most travelers and always like to dress up a little.  I'm just not crazy about tons of jewellery, since you don't want to be 'that' person who screws up the security line with over accessorizing your outfits.  I once saw a grown woman throw a temper tantrum because they asked her to remove her 5 necklaces and she had about 1 or 2 rings on each finger.  Really?  Haha..

breezy day

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!  I'll be busy busy busy and will most likely post again on Tuesday when I get all settled into home life/reality.

Dress, Thrifted
Miss Me Flats, Modcloth
Ring, Romwe
Necklace, Flea Market

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