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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Brighter Day


Have you all finally noticed that the sun is setting much much later?!!  I actually got to take pictures after work yesterday!!!  I also can't believe that March starts tomorrow.  That is just crazy too.  Why does time past so so quickly? Now that the days are seeming longer and brighter it is also making me anticipate spring so much.  Spring is my favorite season, and just the thought of it is making my SAD symptoms drift away.


This outfit was my work day outfit actually.  I'm not accustomed to putting these outfits on the blog for various reasons (like work clothes can be kind of boring) but I really liked this outfit.  It's simple, but the punch of my wooden platforms took it up a notch.  I got tons of comments on my shoes and how crazy they were, but good crazy.  When I wear 5 inch heels I'm nearly 6 feet tall.  And for the record, these shoes were the most comfortable things ever.


So everyone enjoy this fabulous Wednesday!!!  I'll be enjoying it with a late night movie session with my sister. I have yet to see Bridesmaids and we've been meaning to watch it for weeks now.


Dress, Thrifted
Vintage Sweater, Thrifted
Sunnies, Forever21
Platforms, Urban Outfitters

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