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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beating the Blues


It's been so many days since I've last updated my blog!!!  It's been quite a busy week, and dare I say, stressful.  The kind of stress where you stop eating and sleeping.  It's rough when your head and heart are in two different places and it begins taking a toll on yourself.  And then when it manifests into physical ailments it just makes it worse.  Things are on the mend though, so I hope to be back to my normal self soon.


Aside from all that, I'm still getting myself dressed for the days activities and enjoying other parts of my life.  Today I took a day trip to Richmond to visit the lovely and talented Megan Neilsen to have lunch and do a bit of shopping.  Oddly enough, it was cut short due to me getting acute food poisoning.  C'est la vie :(  At least we'll be visiting each other again soon in Austin!!  I'm definitely excited for that. 


Oh and a note about Goodwill's new concept store, Second Debut.  There was one nestled in between the highly refined store fronts, Need Supply and American Apparel, and I'm glad Megan and I got to venture in and see what it was all about.  The clothing is definitely higher grade (for a thrift store) and I do believe that they must have someone steam or iron the clothes since most everything was neat and tidy.  But it is pricier than normal.  Thankfully, the sales lady gave me 50% off for two orange tagged at least they still do that :)


Finally, here is my country bumpkin look for a day full of laundry at my parents.  I tried to not look so shabby while getting chores done.

Checkered Blouse, Target
Jean Jacket, Gap--7 years ago
Pants, UO
Boots, Target

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