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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mod Movement


My outfit today was primarily influenced by all the cool mod films I watched over this past weekend.  I highly suggest weird, out of this world, type of films.  The first film I saw was Blow-Up.  A movie about this mod photographer in London amongst the crazy sex and drug filled art scene.  It's also a sort of murder mystery but he keeps forgetting the task at hand due to his desires to fornicate and then smoke weed.  Yeah.  But the models in the films had some cool style so I emulate them.  Then the next film I watched was The Libertine.  An Italian film about a widow who discovers her late husbands secret sex apartment full of perverse interests.  She decides to then start exploring her own sexual fantasies and fetishes.  Again, the styling and costumes are pretty awesome, so I can't help but be wise that is.


Are there any films that influence your style?  I know most people say Breakfast at Tiffany's, but that's pretty common.  I would say Hepburn movies influenced my style too, but there are so many more cool artsy films from that era that have a lot more colorful moods and style.


Oh and I decided to wear this fun mod outfit doing the most un-mod thing ever.  Duckpin bowling with the old folks at the local bowling alley.  If you've never heard of duckpin bowling, I will enlighten you on Wednesday.  It's pretty awesome :)  Way better than regular bowling.


Vintage Coat, Ebay
Sweater, Vintage
Shorts, ASOS
Loafers, Modcloth
Vintage Coach, Beacon's Closet

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