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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Going Girly


What a difference a couple of days make.  This outfit screams girly to me.  The bright floral dress, the orange tights and the opened toed wedges?  Way, way different.  Which is why I dress for my moods.  I feel like I don't hone into one type of style in particular. I like to mix it up based on how I'm feeling.  So if you see me in repetitive black ensembles, it's safe to say that I'm probably sad or something.


So, this is one of the dresses I scored from Modcloth during their Cabin Fever Sale, and I am in love. The fabric feels soft and silky, and the lace peter pan collar is just cutesy cute.  All of the colors in the floral pattern make it so much fun to pair with just about any colored tights.  I'd even say, maybe some bright teal ones, just to add some contrast.


Lastly, apparently wearing opened toed wedges with tights is still passé.  I got the weirdest looks while in the cafe, but it could have also been because I was wearing the brightest tights know to man.  Meh.  I just shrug it off.


Dress, Modcloth
Wedges, X-Appeal from friend...I don't think they're porn shoes ;)
Tights, Topshop
Hat, With Lavender and Lace

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