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Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty, Frilly, and Leather


Pretty and frilly is how I would best describe this dress.  Its covered in flowers and ruffles in a cream and black motif.  Quite similar to some curtains I used to have, actually.  I saw it in a thrift store with the tags still attached and I kind of liked it but I wasn't sold on it completely.  It was screaming, Easter Sunday too me.  Naturally, my friend urged me to at least try it on.  Here's something new you can know about me.  I hate trying on clothes in the changing room.  I'd equate it to a chore like washing dishes or folding laundry.  But my friend is an avid believer in trying on anything that might have potential.  Thankfully she was there with me on that fateful day of dress shopping.  Hahaha...I make it seem so dramatic!!!


To combat the ultra girly vibe, I made sure to add some less saccharine elements.  My leather and metal bracelets and leather jacket seemed to fit the bill and then the addition of the beanie.  Coincidentally, I read my Refinery29 email this morning on tips for wearing beanies and I decided on the "Ashton" style to rock this frilly frock.


And the extra touch of fun came from my bracelets!!!  I absolutely love these bracelets all together.  The InPink metal and leather bracelet is such a great combination of materials and then the rhinestone and leather bracelets just add more texture.


Thrifted Dress, Converse for Target
Jacket, Tulle
Booties, Target
Bracelets, InPink, Lia Sophia, & Forever21

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