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Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Dotty Uniform


Vintage sweater and mini dress?  Check!!!  I feel like this has been my uniform as of late.  When I want to find something quick to wear from my closet I grab the closest cardigan and dress and hope it works.  Fortunately for me, this worked out quite well, so I made Zach take pictures of it before I headed off to work.  It was so glorious outside, that I didn't even need a coat and its just a comfy thing to wear for a long Friday at work.


Do you guys have a type of uniform?  You know, something that you wear that you know will look nice and well put together, with very little thought.  I know this outfit doesn't seem crazy cool or inventive or whatever, but if its something that makes me feel good, then I go with it. 


So now the weekend is here and I should be sleeping in, I found myself struck with insane insomnia.  This hits me randomly every few weeks and I usually just lay in bed trying to concentrate on nothing and just fall asleep, but it just doesn't happen.  After laying there for about 6 hours I had enough and decided to watch a couple hours of hulu and do some blogging.  I mean, what else is there to do when the whole world is asleep?


Dress and Loafers, Modcloth
Cardigan and Bag, Vintage
Ring and Tights, H&M

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