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Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Evolution


As of late, it seems that my desire to wear vintage is kind of waning.  It's a passing phase, I'm sure.  Actually, a lot of my vintage is more spring/summer wear so I guess that is the reason.  I'm kind of digging the more urban feel to my outfit.  The huge platforms are always fun to wear around and then paired with a faux leather jacket and then the beanie, it just feels like a fun casual look for errand running and eating out at lunch.


Our style is always revolving, so I guess we should all just have fun with it :)  I'm getting inspired by all the cute outfits I see pop up on my fashion week emails and thought it'd be fun to be a little more modern and sport shorts with super high platforms and a slouchy white tee.  I also went a little crazy and put on a pretty purple bra underneath to add some color up top.  Not too scandalous.


Jacket, Tulle
Shorts, ASOS
Zara Top, Thrifted
Platforms, Piperlime
Sunnies, Forever21

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