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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Feel Good Look

grey dress

I'm feeling pretty right now.  I love having those days, don't you?  When you put a little more effort into your appearance and put on a pretty little frock and prance around like a moron because you feel so amazing.  I've been enjoying happier moods as of late, so I guess that explains my high confidence and the fact I'm feeling pretty.  As vain as all this sounds, sometimes it helps to feel good about yourself.

summery dress
strappy summer dress

Another mood booster is listening to all kinds of music during my time to myself and reconnecting with bands I have lost touch with or forgot about.  It takes me all back to highschool days.  Reconnecting with my more youthful self has been kind of liberating.  Except now I have bills, my own apartment and no one telling me what to do and when to do it.  Again.  This is a mood lifter.


Alright, about my outfit.  I know it's sort of matchy matchy with all the grey tones, but it was easy and I felt good in it.  Isn't that okay?  I think so anyways.  Summery dresses are still an awesome staple in my closet as of late, so I can't help but be tempted to throw one on when I'm on the go.  On this particular day I was meeting a friend for some old fashions.  Ever have one?  They are delicious.


Dress, Charlotte Russe (many moons ago)
Shoes, Target (again....many moons ago)

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