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Monday, April 9, 2012

Keep on the Sunny Side


What works better for an Easter garment than a yellow dress mixed with some pastels?  Well, lots of stuff I guess, but for me a yellow dress is tops for spring holidays.  I got this dress from the Lulu's event in Austin last month and have probably worn it a million times since then.  It seemed only appropriate that I'd wear it for photos on Easter, or something.  I dressed it up with a pretty pink belt and then jazzed up my fingers nails a little bit with robin's egg blue nail polish.  You can tell I'm ready for spring when I'm donning pastels on my fingers.


My Easter was nice, but this year was the first year I didn't get a basket from my parents!!!  Does this mean I'm all grown up now?  Haha..I really miss my big fat chocolate bunny and my box of Peeps.  I guess to remedy that I'll be hitting up my local drug store to buy some clearance holiday candy.  Candy always tastes better when it's deeply discounted.  Ask anyone.


Well folks, have a very pleasant Monday!!!  Mine will be work work work, but in way I'm happy for it.  Mondays typically fly by fast.

Dress, c/o Lulu's
Belt, NY and Co.
Sabine Clogs, Piperlime

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