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Monday, October 19, 2009

No Good Horrible Bad Day


So, I wish I could say I had the greatest day ever, but unfortunately that was a big NO! Work was good, but seriously busy. I had a few funny moments throughout the day. A girl came into cash a check while still wearing her wedding dress. This wasn't the funny part though. She proclaimed that the dress was a size 6, but she needed a 14, so she cut the back in half last night and then laced the dress with ribbon. Then she did a twirl to show off the craftsmanship. She then felt compelled to show us her "real gold tooth" and her tongue ring. It was quite the scene. The horrible part of the day was I got in a car accident for the first time. Nobody was claimed to blame, but still. Not the best way to go home after work.

On the lighter side of life, I did have fun getting dressed this morning. I've been wanted to wear this belt for a while and finally got the nerve to wear it. The buckle is made of proceline and was hand painted in Mexico. This was a thrift find of course. I don't know where anyone would find something like this at the mall.



and here's a quick detail pic of my new earrings from yesterday's gem show. Only $3 for a handmade pair of earrings!


dress, Platos Closet ($10) cardigan, thrifted in Chicago, ($3) cream pumps, target ($7)

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  1. HAHA That is hilarious about the lady in the wedding dress- I can totally picture this too!! I am so sorry about your car accident though. That is definitely no way to end a day, but I am glad that you (and no one else) weren't hurt.

    I love that belt and your shoes are adorable!!! Your whole outfit is terrific.