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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Time to Party!

What's Halloween when you're not watching Shawn of the Dead. I'm never one to watch actual scary movies, but I'll gladly watch comedy versions of them. I also will never pass up a good Hitchcock film. Especially Rear Window, which will be in my VCR later tonight. Anyways, today's post is composed of many photos.

This is what I wore to the pumpkin patch and to the thrift store.


This is my sister and I goofing around. She walked in on my little photo shoot so I asked her if she'd like to make appearence on the blog. I love her costume. She put a lot of thought into it, but she never found the time to make an ax to go with her lumberjack look.

molly and i

Here's what I'm wearing for a party later on tonight. I figured I dress a little bit like a mid 19th century poet, such as Edgard Allen Poe. Nobody is going to be dressed up in costume at the party (since most of them are a bunch of party poopers) so if anybody asks, I'm still Edgard Allen Poe, just more girly looking.

party attire 2

And course my husband and I got in the spirit of things and handy out candy.

But some of the kids were scared of our Edward Norton (from Fight Club) pumpkin. My husband is a big fan of Chuck Palahniuk, so we figured that we'd give our pumpkin a really creepy look, because what's more creepy than Edward Norton from Fight Club, right?

Ok, so now on the clothes:

Earlier Outfit:
top, thrifted ($3) skirt, thrifted ($4) shoes, target ($5) purse, ross ($20) necklace, thrifted ($2)

Tonight's Outfit:
Ruffled top, target ($4) skinny jeans, thrifted ($2) blazer, thrifted ($5) boots, ebay ($25) head band, forever 21 ($5)

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