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Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

What a weekend! It's was mostly spent running around doing errands and such. I had to go to DSW twice this weekend, because silly me, I thought Converse low-tops only came in men's sizes, so in a rush I grabbed the size 5 (woman's 7) paid and ran out the door. As soon as I got home I put them on only to realize they are really small!!! Then I proceeded to take a closer look at the tag, and lo and behold they now label them for women sizes. The last pair I bought was 8 years ago, and they finally bit the dust, so it was time for a different pair. All I have to say is a big "I'm sorry" to my husband for dragging him around all weekend. I'm sure I'm forgiven though.

So, here's what I wore!
top, H&M ($29) jeans, NyandCo ($7) shoes, Target ($20) jewelry, RiteAid, ($2)

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