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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 Simple Goals

4 Simple Goals

The crafting guru and stylish Elsie from A Beautiful Mess is orchestrating an amazing opportunity for readers to publicize 4 simple goals that they wish to complete before the year end. Kind of like New Years resolutions only these types of goals need to make your life happier and richer. So here goes!!! These are things I've contemplated and mulled over for the last couple of days.

1. Start enjoying my vegetarian lifestyle in a more healthful way. I became vegetarian back in January and I did really well with eating the begininng. Now I've become a lazy carb eater instead of enjoying more veggies and fruits. So I will need to start researching more vegetarian friendly meals and cook my food again.

4 simple goals2

2. Pay off my credit cards! This needs to be done. I paid them off back in April and the debt has slowly started creeping back in my life. So as soon as these cards are paid to zero, I'll be cutting them up:)

Wk 3 - Chopped 1

3. Do more sewing projects. I have tons of ideas in my head for sewing and need to get them done. Couch pillows are on the top of my lists. As well as my mending pile, and some alterations.

4 simple goals4

4. Make 75% of my Christmas gifts this year! I've already started thinking about what I want to make for everyone and I think homemade gifts are the way I want to go this year. And what I can't make, I'll be buying on Etsy! I love these jar ideas and I'm hoping I can get the hang of crocheting so I can make some scarves.

4 simple goals3


  1. I love your goals! Such easy, simple things to do to make life better. One thing I do for eating better is really making a pretty plate. I love color and usually if you are eating a colorful platter of food it's healthy too. Good luck with that debt and sewing projects. I've done the jar cookies, soups and dry-mix drinks and they make wonderful gifts!

  2. aww what great goals dear! and they are easily obtainable! i love the idea of making your own xmas gifts--they would save tons of money!

  3. i'm loving the sewing and homemade gifts goal! definitely helps with the third goal and saving money :D