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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It was a very rough and stressful week for me, which should only be followed by a shitty illness. I spent the better part of yesterday sleeping and once my temperature reached 101 I figured I should head to the doctors. Anyways, I thought instead of an outfit post (which I planned on doing yesterday) I'd show you all some of the Fall items I'm most looking forward to.

Fall Florals!!!

fall floral2

fall looks
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Fall Fabrics such as Corduroy, Twill, Denim, and Suede

fall looks6
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fall looks2
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fall looks5
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fall looks3
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Of course my wallet wouldn't warrant such expensive purchases, so I'll be using these images as inspiration as I go thrift shopping. I just started learning the basics of sewing, so I'm sure if something isn't quite right, I can go ahead and alter it to my needs. Now if only I wasn't sick and could go thrifting today.


  1. So sorry you're not feeling well. :(

    I hope you start getting better very soon!

  2. I hope you feel better! Good luck thrifting whenever you get out there :)


  3. That bag from Urban is absolutely amazing.
    And I hope you feel better =/ 101 fever is not fun


  4. Hope you feel better soon! Love these clothes..

  5. that corduroy skirt is so cool! I kind of want one now...I mean how comfortable would that be?? :) By the way, did you know corduroy is almost impossible to spell late at night? hahaha. It's true.

    I hope you feel better!