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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Feelin' Good


I believe that Remix Number 22 is my absolute favorite to date! The striped top with the black pants almost looks like a mime outfit, but once I added the heels and blue necklace it took on a whole different feel. I felt feminine, pretty and stylish. Sometimes I hope that all my outfits will make me feel that way, but there are the usual doldrums days, where I'm just in a blah mood and nothing I wear makes me feel good. But that's more in my psyche than in the clothes I wear. I'm sure we all have days like that. But this day was anything but.



Zach and I were once again heading to the farmers market to eat dinner with yet, another friend. It's just so easy to get our dinner from there. Instead of making my own I figured it's just easier to buy our 2 for $10 meals. I'm vegetarian and Zach is not, so cooking two meals a day isn't really something we care to do. So, as we were eating our dinner we saw these crazy storm clouds moving in. Just another reason why this day was so great. We got to watch the most awesome thunder storm. I love opening up the windows and letting the loud thunder and lightening fill our apartment. The sound of rain and the wind gusts coming through our apartment makes it feel like a perfect summer evening. Especially when it cools off our apartment without the use of air conditioning.



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  1. I'm loving the "mime outfit" tehe. that necklace really makes it pop!

  2. You look gorgeous, like always! And the red shirt matches you perfect!

  3. I love this outfit :) I think the necklace definitely makes it just right! And thanks so much for the award/ shout out!


  4. I like this look! Those pants are nice.

  5. I think without the right accessories this totally could've gone the mime route, but you snazzed it up so well that it didn't occur to me until you said it. You look adorable!

    xoxo, Ashley

  6. Love the stripes with the black, so classic. Glad you're feeling good. I hate those blah days.

  7. I love this! The red and white stripes over the all black is just striking and the added blue is just right!