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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Super Fantastic Saturday!


Ok, Remix Number 23! Hit me with your best shot! This was so easy to put together, since all of my other remix clothes were dirty. Thank goodness these pieces actually matched! So even though I haven't posted all 30 of my outfits, I have officially gone about 35 days without buying a single piece of clothing. Since, I technically went 35 days without shopping, I felt it was time to treat myself to the wonders of the thriftstore. And boy did I treat myself! I went bananas! Here is the evidence of my fruitful treasure hunts.


At the suggestion of my friend/neighbor, I decided to take her and our friend to the Goodwill Outlet in Virginia Beach. Let me tell you! That place is one crazy cluster f**k. Just so ya'll know. I knew the clothes were going to be in bins and whatnot, but I didn't realize that the clothes wouldn't even be organized by gender. That was the hardest part. I'd find some awesome denim peeking out from the bin only to discover it was a man's size 38 waist pair of jeans. Bummer! But I did come away with some awesome goodies. Then we hit up Thrift Store USA and I was whisked away in blouse heaven! Buy One Get One Free! Yippie! I needed some new blouses desperately and was enamored by all the pretty patterns and colors. After the thrifting adventures with my friends, I still had to meet another friend for some mall shopping.




We met at Plato's Closet (which was sort of a bust) and then made our way to the Goodwill store across the street. Guess what I found?!! A Zac Posen for Target blouse! $4! Can't beat that! Not even with a stick! Then we headed to Marshalls. I was in love with so many things in there, but I couldn't afford most of it. That place is quite pricey compared to thrift stores. Oh and we never made it to the malls, but that's best saved for a day after payday.


Blouse, Thrifted ($3)
Shorts, Target ($20)
Belt, Thrifted ($5)
Shoes, Ross ($13)
Necklace, FredFlare ($10)
Coffee Cup, Green Alternatives ($9)


  1. hahaha that happened to me too! i ran out of clothes to wear during my challenge because i was too lazy to do laundry so some of my outfits were haphazardly put together :) but yours looks great and was such a perfect choice for a day of shopping :D

  2. Perfect outfit for thrifting! Looks like cool but stylish. Love that Urban Outfitters bag. I hit up their sale wracks last weekend and found an adorable brown bag, so of course I had to buy it...

  3. cute outfit, your shorts and blouse make the perfect combo! :)