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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Peek Inside--A Series


So I thought I'd do a little series where I take you on a tour of my home! All the while I'll still be finishing the 30 for 30 challenge and doing my regular outfit shoots! I take a lot of pride in my pretty abode and thought I'd share little snippits with you all. It's so much fun collecting little oddities from thriftstores or antique stores and I feel like it gives my place some character. Maybe it will inspire you, maybe it won't but hopefully you'll enjoy it.




And here I am in my favorite chair! It was a gift from my friend 'D' who had bought the chair from a thriftstore and her husband pretty much proclaimed his disdain for the thing, so now its mine! The color, the shape and the fact that it swivels are just some of my favorite qualities. So, here I sit!


Of course, I still want to talk about my outfit! Remix number 25 is a pretty simple ensemble, but I love how I matched my shoes to my outfit with the cream and black. It was pretty much an accident, but I figured it would be fun to just roll with it. I added the pop by adding a few bracelets and the Clydes Rebirth necklace to my look and I was good to go.

Black dress, Ross ($10)
Shoes, vintage/thrifted ($7)
Cardigan, H&M ($5)
Necklace, Clydes Rebirth


  1. You look adorable! I love the black and cream together.

  2. Great Outfit and these colours matches great together!

  3. hey pretty lady! I loved how the feature turned out btw... sorry I didn't comment, I was attempting to stay off the interwebs on my vacation.. mostly cuz I got yelled at by the M haha. Love how the necklace looks on you, and I'm so happy you love it! I can't wait to see more of your home.. that's the creepster in me talking ;)

  4. How cool do I feel already knowing what's coming? :) The chair was one of my favorites in that room, too! Very retro chic.

  5. loving this series inside your home! outfit #25 is so simple yet so chic--perfect for summer!