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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Biking Away


You know how they say, "It's like riding a bike"? Well it's totally true! I haven't put my butt on a bike in about 3 or 4 years and I took to it like a fish to water! It was amazing! Ok, enough with the exclamation points, but I am just super duper excited:) Zach did a little trade-a-roo and got rid of a vintage Cannondale bike that was much too tall for him and got us matching bikes! I had previously found a bike in Zach's mom's garage, but the part finding was getting to be a pain so instead we found these babies on Craigslist on now here we are!



We decided to test drive them at the park in the back of our neighborhood and then headed up to our favorite little breakfast diner Donut Dinette. It was so neat having people stop and ask us about where we found our bikes. It was kind of like being the cool kid in school...hahaha...yeah right, me?! If you knew me in high school you'd be laughing your ass off at that.


And don't think for a second that I didn't mean to match my outfit to my bike. I wanted to wear brown today to match because I'm that much of a dork. Zach even laughed at me when he asked, "are you really trying to match to your bike?" Uhh... yeah I am.

Blouse, Thrifted ($1.50)
Short, Target ($20)
Shoes, Some store ($7)
Bag, Fred Flare (gift)


  1. I'm glad you're finally feeling better! It really stinks to be sick, especially when the weather is finally cooling down a little bit! And I love your bike :) It's so cute!


  2. omg you look great on your bike!!! i totally agree! when i bought my bike, i was worried about not being able to ride it anymore but once i got on it was as if i never stopped! i am trying to get robert a bike too. he's thinking of getting one when we move in. i try to match my bike too! ah! i can't get over the first and last photos!

  3. Ah, you look so great on your bike! And I really really love your hair like that!

  4. what a cute biking outfit! and your bike is gorgeous! :)

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  5. very cute, i love your bike and bag.xx

  6. I love this post! A girl who matches her outfit to her bike is a girl after my own heart :)