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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Peek Inside


After getting home late from a tiring day at work, I didn't have much time to head out to the outdoors for a photo shoot. Why not use the better part of my home? There are certain areas in our little apartment that are really just for me. This little corner is my crafting /writing area and I take good pride in making it look pretty. I find terribly kitchy paintings and nail them on up, than I find weirdo little trinkets to set upon my desk. I love changing it up so much!




And how behind am I on 30 for 30 Challenge? I'm only on remix 24, while most others are already done! I would be done, but some of my outfits were erased from my memory card, so that kind of sucks. I'm back on track though. I decided to try a little scarf turban in my hair today, which gave me that little something extra. I found the scarf in the thriftstore and couldn't resist the pretty pattern and the colors of blue. There were so many scarves to choose from, but I just had to have this one. I'm looking forward to putting together more looks with it!



Blouse, Target ($10)
Skirt, Thrifted ($5)
Belt, Thrifted ($3)
Shoes, Ross ($15)
Scarf, Thrifted ($2)


  1. Awesome skirt and I love the room!

  2. What a cute little corner! I actually just started a new blog called 'Things We Thrifted' for everyone to share their thrifted finds- I'd love for you to contribute! Here's the site with the info: :)


  3. This is a very cute area! I wish I had a corner like this all to myself : ) Perhaps when I go back to school I can redecorate my apartment. Who knows.

    And this outfit is stunning!

  4. aww i love how you have a little corner to yourself! i must remember that when robert and i move in together :) i love that little woven thing that says smile! the lighting here is so divine and i love how you tied your scarf! i must try that! you look great dear! you're almost done!

  5. I love your corner! Hehe.

    And your scarf + the rest of your outfit. :)

  6. you look so sweet and sassy! :)

  7. You look so pretty in these! Like a classy, hip housewife :)

  8. I absolutely love these pictures. You look so sweet and classy.

  9. You look amazing! And this little area in your apt is soo cute!