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Sunday, September 5, 2010



Well hello there!! Here I am back in pants! hahaha... I actually mistook this tunic as a dress when my friend spotted it at the Goodwill outlet for me. I loved the print and thought it would make a super cute summer dress, but lo and behold it was absolutely ghastly short on me. There's some elastic in the waist and it allows the dress (or tunic) to ride up with each step. Not cute at all. So instead of being indecent, I threw on my skinny jeggings and decided I was good to go. And my dark brown sandals and wooden bangle were the only other accessories I thought necessary. The print on the tunic is enough, in my opinion.



So today is Sunday and I am spending most of my day in this outfit just lounging/running around. Sunday is laundry day, as well as gas up car day, grocery shop day, and other random errands day. I'm so glad that Zach and I have Monday off so we can do something fun! Maybe a movie, or a bike ride, or both! I know he's been itching to see Machete, but I might find something else we can watch together:)


Tunic, Goodwill Outlet (50 cents)
Jeggins, Thrifted ($1)
Sandals, ? ($7)
Bangle, Thrifted ($2)


  1. There are such things as goodwill outlets. How have I not known this? I must find one pronto.
    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. aww that would've been a really cute dress if it weren't so short but i like how you kept it simple to let the print shine :)

  3. Holy cow, the deals you found on this whole outfit are amazing! Thrifted jeggings = perfection! I'm impressed! And not to mention that you look fabulous.

    Hope you have a great Sunday and a fun day tomorrow!

  4. Wow, your hair is so perfect! Love your crazy-cheap bargains! x

  5. That tunic has such a pretty mix of colors!
    There's something about orange and brown mixed together that!
    The colors remind me of fall,which I'm SO excited for :)

    P.S. Those jeggings look fantastic on you!

  6. Great outfit, and super-thrifty too :) My hubby wants to see Machete too, but I'm not too excited about it!