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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dimmer Days


How bad I am missing those long summer time hours? It's just a little bit too dark when I get home from work to do my pictures outside. At least with my camera. They turn out blue and fuzzy and the flash just makes me look like a glowing ghost, which might be cool for Halloween;) But for now, when I get home late, I must try inside photos. I set up a make-shift studio for my blog photos, so I don't look like I'm not trying. Hopefully it translates well on the blog!


As for my outfit, this was what I wore to go out to dinner with our couple friends. It seemed appropriate to break out my fall/winter boots since it's been a drizzily, soggy, cool day. And the Little House on the Prairie blouse seemed like the perfect match to my vintage boots. And to top it all off I threw on a little cropped trench coat. This trench coat has been lurking in my closet for about 3 years now and I always forget about it, but this soggy weather practically made the jacket scream at me!


Blouse, Thrifted ($2)
Trench, Gift
Jeans, Charlotte Russe ($20)
Vintage Boots, Ebay ($20)
Necklace, Vintage (Grandma's)
Bracelet, Lia Sophia (free)


  1. Great boots! Good job on the interior photos!

  2. hello beautiful friend! you look lovely in your autumnal finery.

    here in California, ice is melting before it leaves the fridge. I can't even pretend to wear boots much less with a handsome sweater. Sigh. I shall live my Fall fashion through you.

  3. If I looked as good as you in jeans.. I'd never take them off. SERIOUSLY mama your pins were made for those things!

  4. I love the vibe of this! And your legs looks ridiculously awesome in those jeans! Damn!