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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rough Beginnings But Happy Endings


Hmm...This week was a tough one, but I am finally getting back to myself and returning to a more happy version of myself. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is let yourself go so far into a funk that you completely start losing sight of things that make you happy. I've had to remind myself that I'll be okay, but at some point I would start to lose it a little and become back in the dumps. I'm sure we all have those moments in our life, and I'm hoping I can finally put some of these thoughts behind me and move on.



I figured the best way to help brighten my day was to pick out one of my favorite dresses and then hightail it to work while sporting a better attitude. I really do love this dress and pairing it with a simple black cardigan and some flats with a hint of cognac looked very good to me. I also did my hair today:) I bought some fantastic Got2B hairstyling stuff and made myself a blowout to be proud of. So all in all, I could've had a terrible rotten day, but I decided for myself to wake up on the right side of the bed and give myself some confidence.


Now on to the weekend! I have an extra long weekend and won't be at work until Wednesday!

Dress, Urban Outfitters ($10)
Cardigan, Thrifted ($3)
Shoes, Ross ($9)
Coach Purse, Thrifted ($10)


  1. You look adorable. I love the dress and the combo of black and brown. Awesome.

    I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time right now. You seem to have such a great attitude...I wish you could send some of that my way!

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  2. I've been in a funk too lately. I'm glad to hear you're coming out the other side. I think I am too : ) And of course it doesn't help to dress the part!

  3. Great bag, Emily! I know what you mean about going through a funk. It's been pretty bad at my work lately, and that's really gotten me down. But you're right- sometimes you've just got to decide to have a good day and give it your best shot. :) Have a great weekend! I know I'll enjoy mine!

    Amanda :)

  4. You look so very pretty!
    The lighting in these pictures is so soft and beautiful and adds such a romantic effect!

    I can see why this dress is one of your favorites. It looks great on you! And for $10 how can you even beat the price?!

    I wish you really thr best of luck on getting out of your funk! Think positive! You can do it :)

  5. sorry to hear about your rough week, you look gorgeous in that dress though. Hope things look up soon :)

  6. I love your purse. :)

    xx Love & Aloha
    *Swing by to enter a vintage giveaway!!

  7. Here's wishing you better days, sunny skies, and wonderful days off!

  8. Your bag is so cute! I can't believe all this is vintage - you're a great thrifter!


  9. aww emily! i hope you're getting back on your feet. we all have those days/weeks/months, but they just make the happy ones that much more enjoyable ;) you look great in your lovely dress!

  10. oh, I'm so behind in my blog reading...I didn't know you were having a time of it. I'm so sorry! I can relate, and I shall say a little prayer for you and wish you some serious good fortune your way.

    You're looking so amazing by the way. not just this post, but the whole week. Great outfits and style. And are you sporting a vintage Coach bag? I believe we have the same one.

    xo. Bella Q