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Monday, September 27, 2010

Polka Dots and Leopard


My photos from yesterday really gave me a hankering for more fall in my life! It's so sad that there is never really a true fall in southern Virginia. Usually we don't even see the leaves turn colors. Instead they become brown and fall on the ground all in the same week and usually around mid-November when we are still experiencing above normal temperatures. But I think I've discovered a way to remedy this! Mums!!! Lots and lots of mums. They will add a nice fall touch to my bare ugly patio. And if I wanted to get real festive, I could always add a hay bale too:) But I'll try not to get too carried away.




And if you can't tell, I have been bitten by the pattern bug. I love leopard and I love polka dots and never would've put them together until I discovered a similar look in a magazine. I am always amused with myself when I can take a pictorial from a magazine that cost $1000 and translate the same aesthetic for a mere $30. And I'll be honest. I don't love the entire look. After I saw the pictures on the computer I decided that the green glasses seemed out of place. The bright green just competed too much with the overall look. But hey! We all have our moments. Even Heidi Klum, producer of Project Runway misses the mark on the red carpet. Ok...I feel justified now;) haha!!


Blouse, Thrifted ($3)
Black Skinny Jeans, Thrifted ($7)
Leopard print shoes, Thrifted ($12)
Belt, Thrifted ($2)
Glasses, Forever21 ($3)


  1. your blouse looks awesome! love it!

  2. Awesome look!
    I love the mix of patterns

  3. Great blouse and love the leopard heels!

  4. Shoes are to die for!!
    What a fabulous outfit! :)

  5. Love the dots and leopard together. Love that you made a $30 outfit that was inspired by $1000 outfit!

  6. My heart fluttered a bit when I opened this post. This. Is. Serious. I LOVE it! I actually like the glasses with it - they add the perfect touch of hip and eclectic to the vintage vibe. LOVE. IT.

  7. that amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aw, i'm sorry you don't get to see the leaves change. But I hope the weather feels more like fall there then it does here, in So-cal. It was 106 today!

    I really like your blouse, it's pretty, especially paired with the unexpected leopard print shoes!

    Oh! My dog, Alabaster, he's a Pomeranian. I have owned three now, and they are such wonderful companions.

  9. I love the mixing. This is such a fun outfit!


  10. I love this's cute but also very classy! I've just got to follow you now! ~Serene