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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunshine Yellow


So sorry for the absence!! It's been almost a whole week since my last post!! I've actually been super duper crazy busy. This past weekend my good friends were getting married so I spent most of the weekend helping them out with any last minute things they needed and Zach and I spent a lot of time with friends visiting for the wedding. Then I had two days off on Monday and Tuesday which were spent in not the most glamorous way. Zach's family was in town to help renovate his old house, so we were busy with cleaning and painting. It's was quite exhausting, but also wonderful to stay busy and be off from work.



After all that, I was excited to get some outfit pictures in. I really love this pale yellow dress and thought it would look pretty against the wooded background in my neighborhood. There's nothing like making the dress the statement in the outfit, so long as you accessorize it with something that pops. The necklace did that for me. I sort of felt like an Easter egg actually. Pastel yellow and pastel blue are definitely not very fall like colors, but I don't feel bad. It feels nothing like fall right now.


I hope everyone is enjoying the rest of their week! I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday!

Jcrew Dress, Thrifted ($5)
Flats, Ross ($9)
Vintage Coach Purse, Thrifted ($10)
Vintage Necklace, Thrifted ($4)


  1. That necklace is perfect for that dress! And I love your bangs to the side like that-very pretty :)


  2. It doesn't feel like fall here either, so you're entirely appropriate!

    I adore turquoise and yellow. I think you look fantastic!

  3. i love yellow dresses, but yours is especially pretty. And i love the touch of turqoise with the necklace :)

  4. omg you look so good in yellow! i LOVE it! the blue goes so well with it too! ah! can you please wear this dress with tights when it gets colder?! :)

  5. I really love this color on you - the dress is perfect! I feel like we haven't chatted in forever, we'll have to catch up soon! I'm still holding one of your dresses hostage! :)

  6. Yes! It IS vintage! To DIE for!

  7. The yellow looks so pretty on your skin tone!
    And you thrifted that dress?? You go lady! ;)

    P.S. I really love the blue beads with it, too! Such a different, but intriguing combo.

  8. Holy cow you look so pretty!! yellow is for sure your color, & I love the bangs to the side!