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Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Hint at Fall

Feeling Fall

Let me be the first to say how excited I was that I was finally able to layer a jacket over my dress! And a denim jacket at that! Last night we were meeting our friends for a parking lot BBQ (there isn't much yard in our neighborhood) and it was just a tad bit chilly. My denim jacket has been a staple in my wardrobe for about 4 years. I found it at the Gap outlet and gladly shelled out $20 for it. It's a great thing to have in your closet, almost as important as your basic LBD.

feeling fall2

Feeling Fall4

Everyone feasted on these awesome steaks, while I munched on my fake Italian sausage and some sweet potato chipotle salad. And we all enjoyed some yummy beers as well. I got my first taste of Corona and found out how much I love it! Now I have something else to drink besides Michelob Ultra...hahaha.. Anyways, I hope that we can continue our BBQs until it gets so cold we can't stand it anymore.

Feeling Fall3

Dress, from Tieka's closet (swap)
Denim Jacket, Gap ($20)
Shoes, Ross ($9)
Necklace, Fred Flare (gift)
Bracelet, Loemahns ($12)
Sunglasses, TJMaxx ($10)


  1. This looks so great! I really love the print on the dress and it's perfect paired with the denim jacket. I agree that it's an absolute MUST have! I have at least 2 of them!

    I'm also DYING over that bag! I love, love, love it! Is it vintage?

  2. You look so lovely, great dress :)

  3. Ee! I love seeing this dress styled on you again! It's the perfect autumn dress for you!

  4. Such a cute dress! I love the full skirt and the pretty pattern.

  5. awww i can't believe how quickly fall is creeping on us! this is such a perfect fall look! i'm still mourning over my denim jacket that i donated right before it came into fashion. it just seems to go in and out so i think the next time i get one i'm gonna hold onto it for life!

  6. Awh, this denim jacket looks great on you!
    For some reason I can never find a denim jacket that looks right on me... The sleeves are always too long, the fit too boxy...

    Well, anyways enough of my woes! You look adorable and very fallish :)

  7. I really love the print of your dress & how full + flowy (if that's a word) it is! So so pretty. Speaking of denim jackets, I wore mine (also from a Gap outlet!) for the first time in months this weekend and I kept thinking "I am NEVER giving away this jacket!"; I never really realized before now that a denim jacket is an absolute wardrobe staple. Great post :)