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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finding the Silver Lining


I'm getting to really enjoy the fact that I don't have a car anymore. My walks to and from work have really helped with my stamina and I've even noticed my clothes fitting a little better. I guess there was a silver lining to our car accident three weeks ago. The only thing I'm not looking forward to is the darkening days. I sense that my excitement for walking from work might diminish by that point.



And all this walking has certainly affected the way I dress for work. I made the mistake last week of wearing a flowy dress on a very blustery day, so now I find wearing fitted skirts with tights works much better. I even found myself to be a little more inspired today since I was motivated to take out my winter clothes. I faintly remembered one of my favorite skirts ,which was hiding in my winter closet and then built an outfit around it. Isn't it great when you open up your seasonal box of clothes and recall all the great things you put away for months?


Sweater, Forever21 ($2)
Skirt, Target ($10)
Scarf, Payless ($7)
Ring, Forever21 ($1)
Boots, Dillards ($30)

----Wow nothing thrifted?


  1. I love the outfit, and yes, it is important to look at the silver lining in things! I love the scarf, and didn't know Payless sold scarves! XOXO, Natalya

  2. you're so lucky you have "winter" clothes. my clothes don't know seasons hehe. they're just pulled out haphazardly :) your outfit is so simple yet so chic!

  3. I like that scarf! Houndstooth is one of my favourite prints :)


  4. Wearing a flowy skirt only to find that the weather is super windy is never fun. :)

    You look great in this outfit! So glad you "found" the skirt again!

  5. I'm sorry to hear of your car accident. I hope everyone involved is all right.

    GET A BICYCLE! I ride, and walk (no car) to my midtown destinations, and I've noticed since my electric bike broke 4 months ago, that I've trimmed a bit. So now I'm all about real bikes.

    Walking sometimes can be a bit time consuming and bad weather or late nights, I feel much safer on wheels. You can get an old 3speed on craigs list for cheap. BIKE IT baby!

    You look great. Love the rood-ring, and your sweet expression on your face. Here's to clouds with silver linings.

  6. love the boots!! :D
    greta outfit. :)


  7. What a beautiful houndstooth scarf!
    I swear, you are the best inspiration for fall clothes... I'm just in love with all of your fall outfits!

  8. great outfit...very that ring!

  9. I've been riding my bike to work lately, and I thought I would notice myself getting a little healthier. Except, when I bike I tend to skip the gym and reward myself with an extra ice cream sandwich. Ah well.
    Congrats to you for getting active. That is a silver lining indeed.

    The Auspicious Life