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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When Blogging Turns to Friendship


Thanks to the wonderful world of blogging, I've met lots of fun people and some of them, right in my neck of the woods. I started reading Brittany's blog Finders Keepers back in January and I was so happy to find out she lived so close to me. We met up soon after we discovered each other's blog and since then we've tried to meet up and hang out whenever both of us had the time. This past weekend we decided it was double date time! We decided on a dinner and movie date since the Haunted Hayride was going to cost something ridiculous...Like $40 a couple! So we played it low key and enjoyed a fun evening of pictures, Mediterranean food, and a good indie movie. Which is so Ghent it's not even funny. I figured I'd give them a new experience in Norfolk, since more often than not Norfolk, VA gets a bad rap.


We made our way to a little bit of hiding spot I use for pics in my neighborhood and used the fleeting sunlight to our advantage. It was fun taking pics together, but a little awkward, since we are not used to posing with another person. So we tried out different things that worked best, tried not to laugh too much, and basically kept it natural. See us looking at leaves on the tree? Yeah, that is totally natural...hahaha!!! We had fun with it, as you can see.




And may I say, I was totally loving Brittany's outfit. She can rock an anorak jacket like nobody's business and it was so cute with her heart print dress. As for me, I went a little bit country with the cognac boots, denim dress, and my trusty vintage shawl cardigan.

Dress, Ross ($10)
Belt, Vintage ($2)
Cardigan, Thrifted ($4)
Boots, Ebay ($20)


  1. Awe that's so cute! I love how blogging has brought together so many people and friendships ensue!

  2. Aw, you both look amazing! So fun that you two are able to hang out! :)

  3. Both rocked ;) I guess that's the best part of blogging: making friends!
    Have a lovely Wednesday!

    Jungle World Citizen

  4. thats soo awesome!
    great photos too! :)


  5. you both look great! How fun to meet friends through blogging!

  6. aww this is adorable! this is what i love most about blogging! i hope one day we can have a fun day like this :) but for now i don't mind your online friendship hehe! you look so cute in your outfit! it's so perfect for fall! the detail on your cardigan reminds me confetti cupcakes :)

  7. haha!!! Me too Jasmine. I was trying to figure out what it reminded me of until you said confetti cupcakes. Well now I'm hungry!

  8. You girls are super lovely and lucky to find each other! I never really come across any fashion bloggers that live in my area. Now I'm wishing for one (L Those boots are FAB!

    Have a good one (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  9. I had SO much fun Emily!! We have to do this again soon!!! Maybe we can go Christmas caroling or something haha!